Streetart for the "Katholiken Tag " ---Catholic Day, which is a festival-like gathering in German-speaking countries organized by the Roman Catholic laityKatholikentag festivals occur approximately every 2–4 years in GermanySwitzerland, and Austria. 2018 in Münster, that is why we painted this picture in Dorsten, because the organizer, Kai Kaczikowski, who is usually youth minister in Dorsten, was also in charge for the cultural aspects of the Catholic Day. The motto was "Search for Peace" --that is ,why our decision went for this design. Frieden means Peace. --At the following day, some young girls, between 10 and 18 years old, also painted pictures for the theme, Peace. And Gregor Wosik and me gave them help and instructions. The result was so stunning, and we had a jury out of the local Major, Tobias Stockhoff, the Denchant Ulrich Franke and an artist, Rosi Soggenberg. They were nearly un-able to judge, because every work was brilliant. We were happy, to have also 3 moslem girls under the young artists.

Another challenge, another project. The Paul-Vischer Schule in Nürnberg, is not allowed to hang any pictures on the wall, or any decorations, projects, because the school is a class listed monument. So, I met the teachers, Natalie Löhnert and Konstanze Sippel, at the Jugendkonferenz in my city, where I painted a picture on foil, Orajet 3164, which is classified as fire resistant. So it is allowed even in this school. So they were able to engage me, to paint their motto for their enviroment day: Achte DRauf! Which means, pay attention, to protect and not destroy our earth. They have 8 rules, which have been developed in a school project. 

1. picture --this was organized by the organisation, which is educating "FSJ"ler , these are young people, who want to do a social year after school. They are helping in youth hostels, churches, retirement homes or any social project, which needs helping hands. So, to build up the group feeling, they all spend some days in Cologne and fullfill some tasks. One task was, to learn streetart by me

2. picture --another project of the Kindernothilfe Duisburg. With the help of a class of pupils in Siegen, we painted this logo on the streets. It is a very big, loud cry against child labour

These are the proud results of my annual workshop in the youth Kloster, Bottrop Kirchhellen. Every year I am speechless, how fast the children are learning 

Endless row of very good results and different ideas

Another project we made for the creative and busy youth ministrant of Dorsten, Kai Kacikowski. Building bridges between deep craters, our favourite projects. In the Johannes Church of Dorsten

My copy, just for fun, of the Logo of the "Redemptoristen" --the owner of the monastry