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The picture below is my work for the project, a copy on the street, and the original done by Alex Tennigkeit, 

"One Kind Favour"


Gerhard Müller- Rischart is owner of a traditional - 5th generation - bakery in Munich, directly at the Marienplatz . It is famous for the high quality of its pastries, because everything is handmade and freshly made, they are using only local products for the basics, and last but not least the cookies have the reputation to be very delicsious. 

At the 100 anniversary of his business Gerhart Müller-Rischart decided to concentrate also on the second part in his name , "Art" , and to be also a sponsor for art. Everywhere in his shops, offices or bakehouses he placed artwork. Plus he is organizing spectacular Art projects, to bring art into public spaces and to the people.

On the left side of the photo you can see his busy Kurator Katharina Keller


My collueges have been Roland Josutties, Lisa Schöler, Melanie Siegel and Gregor Wosik. The aim was, to bring modern pictures of living artists on the street, to bring the art to the spectators, and not trying to coze them into a museum. Along the whole Stachus. Of course the pitures  have been rather difficult to understand , for layties, for example the last blue one. Or Gregor was painting a naked man, and had much trouble, because he had to refresh the piquant, male detail every morning... Or explain to angry people his picture...