Yess, this was a big one!!! Thank you , Brande community, to offer us such a chance. It is a whole facade. The picture is called "Swansong of Serena " --Which means, that is the last song of the mermaid, before she is is going to die. Due to all the pollution in the water. --We showd not too much plastic, because we did not want to show another terrible picture. You can see very much of them in social networks nowadays. -- And specially in Brande, plastic is a big theme. Because out of their water tubes is running perfect clear water, coming out of the local spring. But the industry is stealing the water, puts it in plastic bottles, and sells it to the local people . (Nearly like Nestle in Africa) 

Done together with Gregor Wosik

And in winter time, photo credits to Peder Palshøj Pedersen . These have been the only cold days, last summer

And a little facade -- for a Kindergarden. The children have been very happy, with Bambi, Thumper and Faline

Mural in Issum, a little city at the so called "Niederrhein" --- the local home-keeping association has a great interest, in keeping the historical face of the village. For this reason I had to cover this white wall , at a place called "An der Pomp" , with 3 old buildings: the left represents the dairy, the middle the station, and the right building an old pub. Many of the elderly inhabitants of  Issum remembered quiet well the old times, and liked to watch and to tell stories. 

A lot I did alone , but would never manage it without support of my colleagues, here for example, Vanessa and Lydia Hitzfeld, who jumped in , last moment. Vanessa painted her children, and Lydia repaired the milk cans, which have been in the center of interesst, because many people remembered, how they had to pick up the cans from home everyday, and bring it to the dairy in their childhood. How fast the times changed into dairy industry and brutal  intensive mass animal farming, and lost childhood with children only looking in their smartphones 

The beautiful pub was mostly done by Abraham Burciaga, a mexican artist , who was able to help me out, because he stayed near by, between 2 festivals. Many wonderful mexican artists travel around and are visiting european chalk festivals, to improve their Vita

Most of the wall I had to do alone, even repairing it already after one month, because the first graffitis appeared on the wall

Issum by night --here it is to see, how picturesque the wall fits to the neighboring houses. The "Platz an der Pomp" is now really a new attractive place, and the aim of the organizers, to "increase the retention time" on the place, worked out 100 %. The "Niederrhein" is a typical location for bicycle tourists, a lot of them will take a photo with the horse carriage