Lelystad in Flevoland, 2011. In collaboration with Gregor Wosik we painted this picture. The right side, see below

This was our first Guiness World record. It was already 2009 --which is obvious, because at these times, we were nearly not able to take a perfect picture of our work. Although we had Gregor´s son , an upcoming camera man, Sebastian Wosik, engaged for the photos. But in opposite to now, in these times neither the equipement nor our experience was far enough. We were working in a team: Gregor Wosik, Marion Ruthardt, Leon Keer, Remko van Schaik, Ruben Poncia, and our Promotor Peter Westerink. We were discussing hard, how to paint a circle --even Leon Keer, who is very famous now. At the end, we made 750 m³, which was the first mega 3d in the world. It took place in Rijssen, Netherlands

This was fun, I personally like very much to paint classical 2d . This took place on Madurodamm, the famous little town, a tourist attraction of Sheveningen, Den Haag. A typical dutch cow, surrounded by Delfter tiles

Still a good team, Marion Ruthardt and Gregor Wosik , in spring 2015. We painted in Etten-Leur , and the owner of the supermarket Albert Heijn asked us, to add a picture also to his shop. Which is obviously an advertisement for Becel, but it was really fun to paint 

Etten- Leur is famous, because Van Gogh moved 1881 an extended stay to Etten, where his father worked as a preacher in the Dutch reformed church since 1875. Van Gogh has done various jobs, in protestant minister  or teaching. He failed everything. But in Etten the 28 years old man  laid the foundation for his future carreer as an artist. He was inspired by the landscape , the people and the farm life, and even had his first studio. 

This picture on the left, which we formed into a 3d picture, is called : 

"Memories of the Garden at Etten" , and it is hanging now in the Erimitage in St Petersburg


On Texel - island with my beloved doggie Paula. She liked to bark... and there was many chance to bark, because good weather at easter time---there have been more German tourists with dogs than local persons.

We were supposed to paint pictures, which should stay for eternety. Of course, exactly these pictures did stay not longer than 3 days. Because the pavement klinkers have been very exclusive and expensive, kind of self-cleaning. That is why the city De Koog looks always very clean, but paint can also not stay on the pavement...

On the right side, the view on the beach and a buttle of the famous, local hard liquor, which is called "Jüttertje" - Jüttertje is the name for a man, who is searching the beach for the rubbish, the sea is importing. 

This picture in the middle of De Koog stayed longer, because this is a different pavement