Sarasota Chalk Festival 2017 . The theme was "Evenascence " --we named our Picture "Synergy" -- because in our opinion, the only Chance to stop the Vanashing of our earth is to start with synergy. All creatures must put their energy together, instead of fighting and eating each other.  Forgiveness , put the "reset" knob, and start new, in a peaceful climate with everybodies Special Talent it is possible to stop the destruction and create a livable earth .

This is a better view - Point, please watch the edges,how they are matching the surroundings 

Our work for the Festival 2016. --It is such a pity, that there were always cars behind the Picture. 

Catching our dreams                                                                         Gregor Wosiks Sketch für our work

2015 --besides the Group Picture for Kurt Wenner, we did our own Piece. An XXL Megladon Shark tooth , where we could Dance around

Gregor painting my nails                       Playing around with the Picture 

This additional element for our Picture was very necessary, to Show our  condolence : because at the same time, while we were celebrating a peaceful Festival with artists out of 40 different nations, a terrible bomb attack took place in Paris.