Horsens, Denmark. This Picture Shows an old Harbour Scene. Where is now the street was the Harbour in former times, and People want to remove the street and recreate the old Scene. That was why we should paint this motive

Old Mr Behring landing on his final Island. He always wanted to find the  Behring Street, but never found, because he was ship wrecked in the last  Moment. Mr Behring is very famous in Denmark, although he lived and worked most of his life time for Russia

Another modern Caravaggio and Hans Christian Anderson for the Streetart Festival Brande. Brande is a very small  town, only 20 000 inhabitants, but very enthousiastic and friendly  inhabitants. So they manage to organize a Festival, which allures about 70 000 spectators. 

Pipi Longstocking, is the main character in an eponymous series of children´s books by the swedish author Astrid Lindgren, originally called Pipi Langstrump. Ok, Sweden is not Denmark, but this little, revolutionary girl is loved in all european countries. 

My work for the streetart festival in Brande for 2019. Ok, I try to keep my ecological footprint very small, since I am young, because already there we heard enough about oil crisis and sour rain. But actually, at the moment, it is obvious, that the climate crisis reaches her fever pitch, and afterwards is the point of no return. The waste of resources  has to be STOPPED right now, or never. To make clear the urgency of this point I used the image of Thor, who is an ancient, very powerful God in germanic mythology. So I hoped, it helped somehow....but possibly not.... All my fellow artists I don´t need to pursuade, they know, and many of them try to be Vegan or help in any other way...