Several years ago, it was very difficult for us, to transport Streetart in a shopping mall. It was a no-Go. Now suddenly, the world changed, and it is "modern" .  So I wrote a litte essay, that Center Management and Agencies know, what they can expect.

Center manager and agencies, please note: I am an artist, full motivated, and often work from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. But these pictures are coming out of our soul, they cannot grow under commercial pressure.

 (City Center Langenhagen, 2012)

Pictures don´t get into the center by a beamer, or Photoshop. They are really painted! Everywhere are paintpots, we  splatter ourselves, some rubbish can lie around ---this is not always perfect in a stylish retail palace. However, it is always obvious, that the spectators love to watch the process of  development.  We are "moving pictures" ---which catch more attention, than all the perfect photos and advertisement posters everwhere. People get tired of this, and don´t pay really attention. 

We are moving , acting, painting real people, and human beings are still most interessting for other human beings, an eye-catcher

So , please read more about the process 

Rarely it is allowed, to paint directly on the floor in a centre . So the shopping mall should provide me with the proper painting base, which can be canvas, PVC, or most of the time we like to use foil, Orajet 3164, because it is easy to tape on the floor and  it is easily to remove residue- free. The disadvantage is, after removal, the picture is destroyed. PVC has to be fixed laboriously with double sided tape --but can be used more often. Canvas has to be grounded in the center, and this would take one day to dry.

Important are the fire safety rules, the foil Orajet 3164 fulfills all these rules.



Centro Oberhausen, 2016

Our pictures are painted with paint! And we need buckets and brushes! This does not look so beautiful So it would be nice of the center management , to provide me with a nice covered table or something similar. 

Because for us it is often difficult to take a table like this in the car, the car is crowded with material already.

This exemplary working place (left side) was prepared for me in Shopping centre Luisencenter, Darmstadt

And on the right side, without table...

It is highly recommended to enclose the working space. Because the meaning of the picture is only obvious from 1 point, the Viewing point, about 2 meters in front of the picture. From all other points it is quiet difficult, specially at the beginning of rhe work. People don´t recognize, what is going on, and are walking through the paint by accident. Or specially some older people, are walking the same way  everyday, and cannot accept, that they are supposed to walk somewhere else.

This work above was done in the "shopping arcaden Warschau" , a collaboration with Remko van Schaik 

By the way: it makes very much sense, to plan the seize minimum 4 by 6 meters. May be 3 x 6m, but not shorter. This is necessary to include human beings realistic. This is the most important fun-part, the interactive time, when people are allowed on the picture.

So, the bigger the better, but 6 meter minimum.

A picture with this seize would require a time between 3 and 4 days, this is dependent to the details, the client is asking for. 




("Swan-Boat" for the fashion week in Eastgate, Berlin, 2014)


Here you can see clearly, that there is only 1 View point. Only from this point, your brain can "read " the picture. This point is about 2 meters in front of the picture. That is  , what shopping centres have to take into consideration: where to put the viewing point, is there may be an escape route, way of fire brigade, or usual big stream of people?








( "Abraham Lincoln" , Sarasota Chalk Festival 2013)

Now follows the inter-active part. This part is also highly recommended for the advertisement purpose. Often the clients want their Logo /Branding included in the picture. And in this part, when people take many photos, the logo is autmatically on every photo.

Plus, the posing, the photo shots, the movement and the fun help to root this event deeply in the mind of the customers.

What is also very interessting, in the end, the customers like the picture the more, the more beautiful they appear on the photo.

("Blast furnast tapping"   Salzgitter, 2014)

This is a very direct way, to include a logo. And to be sure, to divide the advertisement message on all social media without paying anything.... But there are more ways, to use the finished work. 

Very clever is a client, who puts a promoter next to the picture for the next days, even when I am gone. He can talk to the people and motivate them to take photos. Some Clients take photos with an Instant Camera and put the photos in a cover with their advertisement message, and this is a present for Customers. 

Or other make a prize draw out of it, the most funny picture gets a prize. 

There are many possibilities. 

(here, Pommes frites McCaine, Frankfurt 2014) 

What we need else:


- a water tab near by, also a possiblilty to dispose the dirty water, 

without annoying the cleaning personal

-would be nice to have some power point near by

- and access to the dust bins 


That should be all, to keep us happy.