"Königsgalerie Düsseldorf"  -- exclusive shopping center in Düsseldorfs old quarter. It is part of the ece-chain. I had to paint, what can be seen in front of the door : the famous "Kö-Graben" --plus old and modern shops and banks

Another picture in the "Königs-Galerie Düsseldorf". It covers wall and floor, and around the corner. It shows the typical  sight of Düsseldorfs historical district. The Rhine , seperating Düsseldorf in 2 parts. It is connected through the "Oberkasseler Brücke", which leads into the "Altstadt" , with many, many picturesque pubs, big Museums with famous exhibitions, many goose on the street and blocking the traffic, and  a shopping mile for high society, which includes the Kö-Galerie