This picture you will find in the 4-star island hotel , called ARFSTEN, in Wyk on Föhr. In the middle of pittoresque landscape, near to the sea, which is also world cultural heritage.  This woman, a local "Friesin" is looking far away with her sad eyes. Because nowadays the local people earn their living mostly with tourism, -and before with whale chasing. This woman is looking to the horizon and hopes to see her husband coming back from the hunting --but with the utmost probability he will be killed during his dangerous business, like most of the men. That is why emancipation of women was a matter of course on the North Sea islands, because women often had to take care of theirselves.


The picture was painted on canvas, and then fixed on the wall. With beautiful styrofoam frames, so the picture looks like painted directly on an old wall.

The woman is wearing the typical , traditional jewelry for this area.



This is a "must-be" for every streetartist or mural artist. To paint "The Creation of Adam" on the ceiling. Originally done on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, 1508 - 1512. What looks very uncomfortable for me , on the photo, must have been a very, very hard and unhealthy work for Mister Michelangelo, because he painted his frescos into  the wet  stucco, which has to be done very fast. 

My work can still be seen in the ARIS GREEK Restaurant, in Wrixum, on the little North Sea Island Föhr. 

The island Santorini, which you can see on the background on the left picture, is also my work.