I started as a pavement Artist, busking on the street.  But now I am a "streetartist" and are supposed to do 3d Floor graphics on Special Locations. However, the result is the same. Here  I was painting in the Dollart-Center, a Shopping mall in Emden, Ostfriesland.  The Center  "DOC" opened  his doors according to the famous "Matjes -Festival".  Matjes  is an especially mild salt herring, which is made from young immature herrings. I was painting jumping herrings, because I prefere animals, which are alive. The yellow - red painted lighthouse became very famous through a German comedian, called Otto Waalkes. It is Standing near Pilsen

Me personal , I still prefer classical paintings, but the agencies and spectators ask more and more for 3d paintings, --that is why I am looking for possible combinations. Here was offered a Chance : the face  on the match box is in 2d form, the match box itself is a distorted 3d form.  The Occasion was a streetart Festival in Denmark, Brande. And here you can find this matchbox everywhere. The Name of the face on the top is Peter Wessel Tordenskjold --he was a denish-norwegian Marine during the great northern war, around 1700. He is a denisch national hero --for my Impression he seemed to be a brutal Choleric with too much power. Decorative to paint, though. 

My part for the Arnhem World Streetpainting Festival in 2018. It was bathing in colour, being one with my project. The model, nevertheless, is sexy Marieke van Kessel, organizer of the festival together with Mike Kothuis

This Trabbi I was painting for AIA Reinsurance Limited, an insurance company from Indonesia and Singapore. They had a Gala Dinner event in STATION - Berlin, which is an event location with a special urban flair. So the motto of the event was "Backstage Berlin" --Even more surprising have been the guests, espacially pretty dressed in this rough atmosphere. And typical for asian people, they all wanted to take a photo! I helped about 800 people in a row, to take a photo from the proper viewing  point. After handling all these 800 cameras, I am a specialist for judging smart-phones