I am painting everywhere , all over the world. Of Course also  in Germany, sometimes on various Locations. 

This place is an old, deserted railway Station in Cologne Ehrenfeldt. Although the Client was Germans biggest telecommunication house , TELEKOM,  respectively their Promotion Group electronicbeats, they Chose this poor area for their big Event. Probably because it has quiet a romantic charm. Usually the Group "Jack in the Box" was using the place, to help Long un-employed People and to  create cultural Events for young People in Cologne Ehrenfeldt. 

That was my favourite painting place, in a forest. On an area, which a man, named Jörg Prinz, wanted to establish for Adventure pedagogy  --climbing, digging, Building for  Young People. 

Contrast Programm ---Shopping mall. Here advertisement for the new Shopping "Adventure" in Centro Oberhausen. 

Now again very rough pavement! At an old, deserted Harbour in Krefeld- Ürdingen. The Tourist Management wanted to Change the area in a touristic attraction, and they have been 100 % successfull. My painting was part of an attractive Festival, called "Rhine side Gallery" . 12 more collueges from all over the world left their creative traces 

Always be flexible! Now a quick jump again to the noble munich Airport. With 4 collueges ---Gregor Wosik, Tometero "Tomo" Saito, Melina and Wilfried Berg, I painted a 500 m² picture