This is going to be my new homepage in englisch, as

I have a lot of friends and requests out of my native country, Germany. That is why I chose the picture left side for the start, because I  painted this  on Düsseldorf airport --which is also a symbol for travelling.

Most of the time we are flying in direction of USA or Asia. My dream is,  that in future I have to take a plane to Syria, to take part at a peaceful chalkfestival in Damaskus.  

More Information in German you will find on 


2d paintings

This is , how everything started, with my love for classical  2d chalk art. First at the german streetartfestival in Geldern, and then busking at the Cologne Cathredal. Still  nowadays,  I love to copy the old masters. While following their  brush strokes, it is like crawling in their brains, and to know and feel, what they have been thinking.

3d paintings

Nowadays I have to specialize on 3d paintings, because it is mostly asked by clients and agencies. This painting  was done in Almere, 2016, a scene of the movie "The Hobbit", An unexpected journey


I am painting  ----

--as a Solo Artist


--used to paint a lot with my Ex partner Gregor Wosik, now with new partners


--or I together with a group of collueges. For example here the "all-Star" Ladies : Me, Valentina Sforzini, Adry del Rocío and  Vera Bugatti


-- or in very big groups, see below


The streetart family is very good cross-linked, all over the world

Many people, including for example Kurt Wenner and Denise Kowal, for the Chalk Festival 2015