This is going to be my new homepage in englisch, as

I have a lot of friends and requests out of my native country, Germany. That is why I chose the picture left side for the start, because I  painted this  on Düsseldorf airport --which is also a symbol for travelling.

Most of the time we are flying in direction of USA or Asia. My dream is,  that in future I have to take a plane to Syria, to take part at a peaceful chalkfestival in Damaskus.  

More Information in German you will find on 


2d paintings

That is , how everything startet, with my love for classical 2d chalk art . First at the German Streetpainting festival in Geldern, and at the Cologne cathedral

3d paintings

Nowadays I have to specialize on 3d paintings, because it is mostly asked by clients and agencies. This painting  was done in Almere, a scene of the movie "The Hobbit", An unexpected journey


I am painting alone, or often with my partner Gregor  Wosik, or I together with a group of collueges. For example here the "all-Star" Ladies : Me, Valentina Sforzini, Adry del Rocío and  Vera Bugatti