This is my Partner, Gregor Wosik, on our collective  work, which we painted for the Streetart Festival Wilhemshaven in the year 2017. We only wanted to paint 300 m², -but by accident at the  picture had the seize of 1 600 square meter! For comparison: our first world record in Rijssen , Holland, 2009, was 750 square meter! 

So that reveals the character of my Partner, he is also called "the Un-stoppable" . As well he made the scetch and had always to talk to the Television, because they made a documentation about this  work. Yo can find it under:  , Sendung vom 05.10.2017, Titel "Grand Canyon in der Fußgängerzone! "


Streetartists - Life is not always easy. This is the same  Picture   at 11 o ´clock and at 1 o´clock p.m. ---It was done for an initiative, who wants to bring more nature into cities. "Grün ist Leben". Here we are  in Essen City . ----And this is no advertisement page, but it is here very obvious, that the foil we are using , is very stable.  On Locations, where it is not allowed to paint directly on the Floor, we are using often foil. The Name is Orajet 3164 

The Plea for Peace : quiet unrealistic in these times, but we really wish it.  This here is a project of the Church in Dorsten, for the international Church Day in March. The Motto was not "pleaging " for peace, but "looking" for  freedom, so with a little bit more initiative, than just waiting for a better life. We were supported by 13 students between 10 and 14 years old, who first made a workshop with us, and then painted pictures for the same theme