From the 11th of Septempber unteil the 17th of October of 2010 the Noord - Holland Biennale took place, and Gregor and me were part of it. 


"Buro Boulevard was a cooperative project by Jeanne van Heeswijk and architect Francois Lombarts as their contribution to the 2010 Noord-Holland Biennale. Theme of the biennial was art and area development. At the Burgemeester van Fenema square next to the boulevard of Zandvoort they set up a design studio. From this location they researched all the plans for the area that have been made over the years. Decades of plans that not have been realised. During the biennale period they also investigated the current needs and ideas of the inhabitants and visitors of Zandvoort.


The outcome of these researches where combined in order to create a big artist impression of all the drawings, plans, ideas and impressions that where made for this seaside area. With a team of street painters a 27 x 50 metres drawing was painted at the Burgemeester van Fennema square. It combined quotations from the many reports and municipal development plans with impressions from ideas fro the area. All functions that the location could have had, but for various reasons still does not seem to have. "  Quote from Jeanne vann Heeswijks homepage     


They have been all artists, but not used to paint with pigments such a large area, so we could give them advise and help. It was rather cold and windy! 


On the left Jeanne van Heeswijks Design, on the right, our result... Underneath hard working people