Wall decoration for our local church, which is called  "Auf dem Wege" -- respectively in the cellar is a kind of youth center, called "Tempel". At this day the Tempel was host for the Kindernothilfe Duisburg. They organized a gathering from 80 people from all over the world, but mostly South Africa and columbia. They made many workshops, because they want to create the cities more safe and attractive for children. Of course one part is "urban gardening" . Which is good for the enviroment, for saving money, for your vitamins, and for animals. That is, why I chose this picture

(photocredits Burkhard Muenster)

The same event in 2017. There it was very cold.


I painted a sun flower, and young people should add stones with their names on it, but it was too cold for people from Africa and South America. They saw snow for the first time in their lifes. 

The magic this time, see photo above. The sun-flower was painted with chalk, because it was not supposed to stay for a long time.

It survived many storms and water attacks! It can still be seen in 2019, and the community still loves it!