Sorry, this is for me still the fun -part of my work ---although agencies most of the time ask for 3d Pictures --I  prefer 2d paintings, and just playing with the colours!  (This is a copy of digital art) 

And more variations of  predators 

This is a combination of 2d, 3d and own idea. I am sorry to say, that in this case I was a Kind of prophetic Sybil --- I thought , it was a joke to combine the desperate Gustave Coubet with Donald Trump .  For the streetart Festival in Wilhemshaven, August 2016. In November 2016 the joke came true, and changed into a nightmare.  Trump was really elected..... 



1st place masterclass at the 30th international streetartfestival in Geldern 2018 

The picture shows John , the Evangelist, writing the forth and newest book of the New Testament in the Bible. The Eagle is often a symbol for Johannes 

Of Course my favourite themes come from nature. Here for example a Baby ice-bear. It is called "Flocke" , and lived in a zoo in Cologne.  I love also cows and horses 

This wall is part of a hunting castle called Clemenswerth, built in 1737. The stable, called Marstall, is now used  for the education of young people in a christian way. The director asked for paintings, which combine the past and the present, that is why I chose this theme. The secret of delphic Sibyl, is obvious now: She was supposed to be  a mythical woman , who was able to see the future. But I discovered, that she was using an APPLE Tablet, iOS9, to find answers to any question. Meanwhile her angels are enjoying the POKEMON game. Actually many people were searching Pikachu in the little village Sögel, while I was painting there 

These pictures are 

a) William Bouguereau "Cupid and Psyche as Children"

b) Simon Vouet  "Allegory La Richesse " 

c) my own -- a   woman of the island Foehr, lookint for her husband, who is expected back for a long time now. He is out on the north sea and chasing whales --an important, but dangerous business. That is why women on the north sea islands were very emancipated even in former times, because they are used to live without men

d) Jaques - Louis David "Napoleon crossing the alpes" 

Classical Chalk Art --Hesekiel, painted in Team - work with Gregor Wosik --me the left part, Gregor the right part, for the curated  Madonnari Section at the Chalk Festival 2018 

This is a painting after Caravaggio which depicts the moment when the resurrected but incognito Jesus, reveals himself to two of his disciples (presumed to be Luke and Cleopas) in the town of Emmaus, only to soon vanish from their sight . The right Person with the Shell should be Jacobus. ---So , sorry, Caravaggio, I personally Chose a much more pretty Jesus, because this is more attractive for my spectators. Also I decided to Change the original still - life, which contains a dead chicken -- into a vegetarian meal, because that is my Preference.

Also a favourite Artist of mine, Carl Spitzweg. ---What is also obvious through These examples, is the fact, that I like to copy. That is why may be I am no "real " Artist. Although I have many ideas , I enjoy copying, because for me it is like crawling into somebody elses mind. Through copying his work, I can feel his ideas, his emotions ,his / her  psychology. I can learn to see the world through his eyes. 

The pictures are called : "The everlasting bride-to-be"    "The love letter"  "The poor poet"  "The book-Worm" 

Following Carravaggio again, with own ideas

Tyical Madonnari - Chalkart. -- With this picture, I managed to catch prizes 2012 in Geldern, Neustadt and  Grazie de Curtatone. In Grazie I was honoured as Maestro semplice. This allows me, to work my way up until the nobel prize of Maestro Madonnara. Actually, I will not get the prize, because for me, it is simply to hot . The festival takes place on the15th of August, it is the traditional celebration for  the Assumption of  Mother Mary, called Ferragosto. So , these times are usually even too hot for the local Italiens. That is why the painting starts at 5 o´clock p.m. during the night, 24 hours. It is really a challange!